Book Review: Trust Her by Jessica Vallance

A (very) brief plot overview When Charlotte finds an unconscious and badly injured stranger named Luke in an alleyway, her pressing need to help and people please goes into overdrive. Accepted as a hero by Luke’s parents, Charlotte sticks around and does all she can to support everyone except Luke’s sister Rebecca, who clearly doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Perfect Ten by Jacqueline Ward

A (very) brief plot overview When Caroline’s marriage fell apart she lost everything, including her children. She believed her husband, Jack, had cheated on her throughout their marriage, a claim he denied and used against her to undermine her mental health. One day, a holdall containing a notebook of photographs and evidence of Jack’s affairs... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Eyes On You by Kate White

A (very) brief plot overview Robin lost everything a few years ago, but now with a book launch and her career on TV back on track, things are looking good. That is until someone starts trying to sabotage her, anyway... What’s good about it? First of all, I didn’t guess who the person trying to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

A (very) brief plot overview Independent commitment-phobe Hannah falls in love with charismatic Mark and marries him just a few months later. When Mark fails to return from New York when he promised, Hannah accidentally uncovers his secrets and realises just how little she actually knows about the man she has married. What’s good about... Continue Reading →

Review: Everything Is Lies by Helen Callaghan

A (very) brief plot overview Sophia discovers her parents bodies at her childhood home in what the police describe as an attempted murder-suicide. However Sophia doesn’t believe that this explanation of events is true, especially after realising that her parents were broken into four times in six months. She does some digging, finds her mother’s... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Final Girls by Riley Sager

A (very) Brief Plot Overview Quincy is the lone survivor of the Pine Cottage massacre that claimed the lives of her friends. She joins two other women, Lisa and Samantha, with claiming the unwanted title of being a Final Girl - the last and only survivor of an atrocity. Fast forward 10 years later and... Continue Reading →

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