What Has Made You Smile Today?

After the most wonderful long weekend celebrating Jack’s birthday, attending a Canadian thanksgiving dinner and making memories with our new friends here in Sydney, I was full of happiness. I didn’t want the long weekend to end - it meant that Jack would be back at work, friends wouldn’t be as easy to meet up... Continue Reading →

Down Under Diary 7: Thank YOU

I’m writing this post feeling so much gratitude for the week we have had. So many things right now make me feel so happy. We are in a place we love, meeting so many brilliant new people, seeing exciting new things and speaking to everyone back home so often that it doesn’t really feel like... Continue Reading →

An Easter Message, With Love

I hope your Easter weekend has been full of smiles, family, friends, peace, time to enjoy yourself and of course chocolate. Even if you do not celebrate Easter, a 4 day weekend is still an amazing opportunity to stop, press your reset button and just enjoy life. I just want to take this opportunity to... Continue Reading →

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