It’s Time to Cancel Cancel Culture

When I was at secondary school, social media was just taking off. Everyone had a MySpace, a Bebo and Piczo account. We weren’t really taught much about them because the technology was so new that even our teachers were a bit clueless about it all. We didn’t know what online grooming was, that chat rooms... Continue Reading →

Seriously, Where Is The Love?

When I was younger, The Black Eyed Peas released the song ‘Where Is The Love?’. It was everywhere. It was number one in the UK charts for weeks, played on every radio station and subconsciously hummed be everyone I knew. It was an anthem calling for peace and unity and we were asked to ask ourselves... Continue Reading →

Finding The ‘Like’ That Really Matters

When I first started this blog, it was because I was tired of seeing negative message after negative message followed by trolling comment after trolling comment online. It seemed that no platform I used was free from simmering undertones of hatred. Using any form of social media almost became a case of putting on armour... Continue Reading →

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