You Can’t Tell Someone What To Feel Insecure About

Just over a week ago, I was featured on @we.defintebeauty - an incredibly supportive and uplifting Instagram page where people discuss overcoming insecurities and talk about their ‘flaws’. My birthmark story was shared and the response was phenomenal. I scrolled through a multitude of kind messages, read other people’s birthmark stories... ... and then I read... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Cancel Cancel Culture

When I was at secondary school, social media was just taking off. Everyone had a MySpace, a Bebo and Piczo account. We weren’t really taught much about them because the technology was so new that even our teachers were a bit clueless about it all. We didn’t know what online grooming was, that chat rooms... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is… making online connections

  Sometimes I feel like the internet gets a bad reputation. Sometimes I am someone who fuels that bad reputation. Sure, there are many pitfalls to the online world - trolling, identity fraud, people becoming famous for stupid things, unwanted adverts trying to make us think we need unnecessary things like diet shakes, a vanity... Continue Reading →

Finding The ‘Like’ That Really Matters

When I first started this blog, it was because I was tired of seeing negative message after negative message followed by trolling comment after trolling comment online. It seemed that no platform I used was free from simmering undertones of hatred. Using any form of social media almost became a case of putting on armour... Continue Reading →

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