Finding The ‘Like’ That Really Matters

When I first started this blog, it was because I was tired of seeing negative message after negative message followed by trolling comment after trolling comment online. It seemed that no platform I used was free from simmering undertones of hatred. Using any form of social media almost became a case of putting on armour... Continue Reading →

Learning to Love Yourself

I started this blog about two months ago with the aim of spreading positivity after seeing how much negativity is online. You read stories about people telling others to hurt them self, see comments on people’s photos mocking them and passive aggressive memes shared with the sole purpose of marginalising someone. And have you ever... Continue Reading →

Keeping the dream alive

I was always writing when I was a child. Even if I wasn’t sat with a pen and paper, I was still inventing characters in my mind or describing tall tales to my friends on the playground. I’d spend my pocket money on new notebooks and fancy pens. I entered writing competitions and was successful.... Continue Reading →

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