Seriously, Where Is The Love?

When I was younger, The Black Eyed Peas released the song ‘Where Is The Love?’. It was everywhere. It was number one in the UK charts for weeks, played on every radio station and subconsciously hummed be everyone I knew. It was an anthem calling for peace and unity and we were asked to ask ourselves... Continue Reading →

‘Girl Power’ isn’t just a saying

All my life I’ve wondered how to ‘be’ the kind of woman I want to be. Fearless. Friendly. Strong. Independent. Creative. Driven. Kind. Vulnerable. Stylish. Selfless A good friend. A good partner. The kind of woman who can pull off lipstick in the daytime. The kind of woman who can walk into a busy room... Continue Reading →

Saved by the ‘Angel Shot’

I saw something a few days ago in the Gold Coast that made me incredibly thankful to be alive right now. I was at a mini golf and bowling bar - the perfect spot for a date night and for losing to my fiance and his superior mini golfing skills - when I saw this... Continue Reading →

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