Birthmark Awareness: working with ‘More Than A Face’

It’s live, it’s live, my interview is now LIVE! Forgive me - I don’t normally post on Mondays or start my posts in such an over excited way, but I have been really excited to share this with you all and the day has finally arrived! About a month ago, I was interviewed by the … Continue reading Birthmark Awareness: working with ‘More Than A Face’

Conversations with… Sarah Clarke

For most people, ‘Miss Honey’ is the character in Matilda that epitomises having a pure, loving and generous soul. She’s the kind of teacher that every child wishes they had been taught by - optimistic even in the darkest situations, patient even if someone is not getting fractions after the seventh lesson and so unbelievably … Continue reading Conversations with… Sarah Clarke

Conversations with… Shannan Greenwood

When we think of organ donation, we think of books like ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, pleas from desperate parents of sick children going viral or how it creates great ethical debates. We rarely ever stop to think of the people and the stories behind the issue and how organ donation quite simply does change lives. I remember … Continue reading Conversations with… Shannan Greenwood