Happiness Is… trying new foods

*Trigger warning - this post will talk about a fussy relationship with food* All my life, I have been the fussiest of fussy eaters. My mum used to call the kitchen ‘Janet’s Cafe’ because she always had to make me something different to everyone else at every meal time. If everyone else had meat and... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is… a pair of socks

Since arriving in Australia in January, I’ve spent most of my time here in sandals or in bare feet. I promise I’m not bragging about that, but really it’s just been far too hot for full shoes. If I’ve ever had to wear trainers for a walk, I’ve ended up getting so warm and regretting... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is… on your doorstep

For anyone who knows me, they will know that I have a complicated relationship with where I am from. Truthfully, when I used to describe it I said that I hated it. Sometimes I would pretend I was from the next city, just to avoid people wrinkling their noses up at me. I’m from a... Continue Reading →

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