Shit We Need To Stop Telling Young Girls

*These things are things I have often heard (mostly addressed to young girls) - they have either been said to me or someone I know* It’s 2019. The world is changing around us so much that even the climate change deniers are finally starting to concede that things around us are indeed shifting. Women are... Continue Reading →

Are you an Alexa in your relationships?

“I need to talk to you.” “You’re such a good listener!” “It reminds me of a time that this happened to me!” “Speaking of which, this happened to me today...” “That’s cool... I need to tell you about my day, though.” “Sorry I haven’t replied for a few days, but you’ll never guess what’s just... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is… making online connections

  Sometimes I feel like the internet gets a bad reputation. Sometimes I am someone who fuels that bad reputation. Sure, there are many pitfalls to the online world - trolling, identity fraud, people becoming famous for stupid things, unwanted adverts trying to make us think we need unnecessary things like diet shakes, a vanity... Continue Reading →

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