You Can’t Tell Someone What To Feel Insecure About

Just over a week ago, I was featured on @we.defintebeauty - an incredibly supportive and uplifting Instagram page where people discuss overcoming insecurities and talk about their ‘flaws’. My birthmark story was shared and the response was phenomenal. I scrolled through a multitude of kind messages, read other people’s birthmark stories... ... and then I read... Continue Reading →

Gok Yourself

When I was younger, I remember watching TV shows with my mum like ‘What Not To Wear’ and ‘10 Years Younger’ every week without fail. I loved them. I loved seeing ordinary people get made over and learning how to dress for their body shape. I loved seeing how makeup transformed them and the skills of... Continue Reading →

Smile Like You Mean It

It’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t feel self conscious about my smile. I wasn’t born with a perfect set of Hollywood pearly whites, ruler straight and sparkling. My front two teeth overlap and my dentist never saw it fit for me to wear a brace. Despite not really drinking fizzy pop when... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Weight

Trigger warning: this post will discuss weight and distorted eating. If you are sensitive to these topics, please proceed with caution I want to start this post by saying that I know that weight is a sensitive issue for a lot of people and that whilst this post will talk about weight, I will be... Continue Reading →

Joining the dots between beauty and freckles

Society seems to have a love-hate relationship with freckles. Whenever you see makeup adverts, celebrities on red carpets or selfies on Instagram, you never see freckles. It’s simply like the world wants to pretend that they don’t exist. Those little flecks of pigmentation are buried underneath layers of foundation, filtered over and washed away. On... Continue Reading →

Learning to love my strawberry head

This is my fiancé’s favourite photo of me. He took it a few week ago mid conversation when I was poorly with tonsillitis. I’d spent two days in bed, hence the greasy hair and no makeup. I’m goofily laughing at something he said so my eyes are screwed up, showcasing every single one of my... Continue Reading →

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