Keeping the dream alive

I was always writing when I was a child. Even if I wasn’t sat with a pen and paper, I was still inventing characters in my mind or describing tall tales to my friends on the playground. I’d spend my pocket money on new notebooks and fancy pens. I entered writing competitions and was successful.... Continue Reading →

‘Girl Power’ isn’t just a saying

All my life I’ve wondered how to ‘be’ the kind of woman I want to be. Fearless. Friendly. Strong. Independent. Creative. Driven. Kind. Vulnerable. Stylish. Selfless A good friend. A good partner. The kind of woman who can pull off lipstick in the daytime. The kind of woman who can walk into a busy room... Continue Reading →

Saved by the ‘Angel Shot’

I saw something a few days ago in the Gold Coast that made me incredibly thankful to be alive right now. I was at a mini golf and bowling bar - the perfect spot for a date night and for losing to my fiance and his superior mini golfing skills - when I saw this... Continue Reading →

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