Book Review: The Reminders by Val Emmich

A (very) brief plot overview Joan is a 10 year old with an incredible memory and the desire to win a songwriting competition to win money to save her dad’s recording studio. Gavin is an actor mourning the sudden death of his partner Sydney. The two become unlikely friends, with Gavin helping Joan with her... Continue Reading →

Review: Everything Is Lies by Helen Callaghan

A (very) brief plot overview Sophia discovers her parents bodies at her childhood home in what the police describe as an attempted murder-suicide. However Sophia doesn’t believe that this explanation of events is true, especially after realising that her parents were broken into four times in six months. She does some digging, finds her mother’s... Continue Reading →

Review: Lily Allen: My Thoughts Exactly

A (very brief) plot overview Essentially what it says on the tin - Lily Allen’s life so far in her own words. What’s good about it? For someone who grew up reading stories in trashy magazines about Lily Allen’s lifestyle and her celebrity feuds, it was nice to hear her side of the argument as... Continue Reading →

Down Under Diary 6: Celebration City

This week has felt like such a blur! It has been a really sociable week, meeting up with family and solidifying new friendships, but it has also the week that poor Jack had the worst snotty cold known to man. Kudos to him, though, because he powered through like a trooper. The week started on... Continue Reading →

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