Give Me Tomorrow – Jeanne Whitmee

A (very) brief plot overview The book describes the Davies family after the death of the head of the family, Frank. Louise, his daughter, Susan, his younger wife, and Karen, Frank and Susan’s daughter, try to find common ground after years of being at odds. What’s good about it? On paper, the storyline of a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

A (very) brief plot overview Independent commitment-phobe Hannah falls in love with charismatic Mark and marries him just a few months later. When Mark fails to return from New York when he promised, Hannah accidentally uncovers his secrets and realises just how little she actually knows about the man she has married. What’s good about... Continue Reading →

TV Review: After Life

A (very) brief plot overview Tony (Ricky Gervais) struggles to cope after losing his wife to cancer, but the people in his life are determined not to loose him to his grief. What’s good about it? If I answer ‘everything’, does that make this a good review? It would be accurate if that was allowed... Continue Reading →

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