The Truths You Learn When You Travel

I used to feel wary when talking about travel. Those vapid, rich people in The Inbetweeners 2 make me cringe and anyone who says things like ‘you haven’t lived until you have travelled’ isn’t someone I want to associate with. Personally, I don’t think those who travel are any better than those who don’t -... Continue Reading →

Tales of an Exhausted Bride-To-Be

When we got engaged in November, we didn’t really get chance to celebrate it with the people we love. There simply wasn’t time. I left England two weeks after we got engaged and had a schedule full of seeing people to say goodbye. My leaving meal with both my family and Jack’s became an engagement... Continue Reading →

Shit We Need To Stop Telling Young Girls

*These things are things I have often heard (mostly addressed to young girls) - they have either been said to me or someone I know* It’s 2019. The world is changing around us so much that even the climate change deniers are finally starting to concede that things around us are indeed shifting. Women are... Continue Reading →

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