Why Do We Like Quotes So Much?

Every time I log onto Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any kind of social media, my feed is flooded with quotes or screenshots of Tweets. This isn’t a problem for me because I love a good quote as much as the next person, but every time I see them, I wonder why we love sharing other people’s words so much.

For me, the answer is simple – quotes put into words the things that we are feeling but might not always be able to find the words to express ourselves.

I often talk about the power of words and the gratitude we place in quotes is an example of this. If you have said something that resonates with someone enough for them to write it down or share it then your words have power. Your words have made a difference.

There have been many times in my life where I have used other people’s words to convey a meaning. When my friend’s grandad died, I copied a poem into a card for her because the poem expressed the words I wanted to say better than I ever could. When I see a Tweet about relationships or in jokes, I sent them to Jack and write ‘this is us!’. At my brother’s wedding, I read an extract from a film. When my friends have been in a dark place, I have tagged them in quotes that I know will pick them up. None of those words were my own, but they were what I felt.

It’s not just when using them for other people that I find quotes to be effective. At times in my life where I feel the most down, a quote is one of the things that picks me back up. When I feel like I don’t have the energy or capacity to boost myself up, a well chosen quote can bring me back to life. Strong words can make me feel strong, too.


I love finding quotes or nice messages randomly when I am out and about, like this light box message I spotted in a cafe recently. The words aren’t revolutionary or life changing, but they are ones that will raise a smile, and what better feeling is there than knowing you have made someone else smile?

What’s your favourite quote?

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