The Power of Random Kindness

I started this blog as a place of positivity. Sometimes I talk about things that started from a negative point or things that have been difficult to endure, but for the most part what I write is (I hope!) uplifting.

Even though I’ve kind of fallen out of love with the name of my blog, I knew I wanted a space to practise my writing, to hopefully create content that mattered to people and to share nice messages with the world, but why did I want to write about the good things?

The answer is that I really do believe that there is good in every day.

I’ll prove it.

I recently went to a place that summed up the spirit of my blog and my Instagram. At the Gallery of NSW in Sydney, there was an installation that allowed people to write on a post-it note an act of kindness or a positive message. Walking around the room and reading the wonderful things people had done, the jokey messages people had left to raise a smile from a stranger and the life affirming advice they had offered filled me with happiness. I could have spent hours in there having my soul refilled by the wonderful words of strangers.


We get made to believe that the world is a big, bad place full of big, bad people doing terrible things. Those things and those people exist – but they aren’t the majority. Walking around that exhibition proved that.

People might do bad things or things they regret every now and then, but, for the most part, people are good. People are kind. People want to help others.

For me, I guess that’s what this blog is about. It’s about people sharing their stories, sharing my own hopes and fears and worries in hope the that it helps someone else out there. It’s about learning to feel good in your own skin, to accept yourself, to be kind to others. Really, it’s about finding the good in every day.

What would you write on your post-it?

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