What Has Made You Smile Today?

After the most wonderful long weekend celebrating Jack’s birthday, attending a Canadian thanksgiving dinner and making memories with our new friends here in Sydney, I was full of happiness. I didn’t want the long weekend to end – it meant that Jack would be back at work, friends wouldn’t be as easy to meet up with and the ultimate relaxation we had felt for the last 3 days would be over.


Just as I was tempted to dip into sadness, I stopped myself. What was there to be sad about – I had had a brilliant time and I was lucky enough to be starting a new week in good health, with a roof over my head, surrounded by people I loved and feeling happy. The long weekend might be over, but life wasn’t.

Sometimes I think we need reminding to snap ourselves out of complacency. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of overlooking the good that happens every day in life, like a stranger opening a door for you, finding some money you forgot in your coat pocket or your favourite snack being on offer at the supermarket. Happiness doesn’t have to be found in enormous gestures or bank holidays – it’s all around, you just have to be open to seeing it.

My friend Sarah has started posting every day 10 things that have made her smile or feel happy each day. I look forward to reading her list every time I go online, and today I decided to write my own:

10 Reasons I Am Happy Today:

1. I am making homemade pizzas with Jack for dinner and it’s one of my favourite things to cook together.

2. I woke up to lovely messages from my friends and family back home in England which started my day off nicely.

3. I watched an episode of The Office whilst I ate my lunch and laughed out loud..

4. Jack got a parcel of British treats for his birthday and our cupboards are now full of AMAZING food that I haven’t tasted in so long.

5. I have made new social plans with my friends here in Australia so I have lots to look forward to.

6. The sun is shining outside…

7. I am genuinely living my lifelong dreams – my home is now a country I have always dreamed of being in and I am writing for a living.

8. I haven’t had any creative blocks and have been able to write freely and happily all day.

9. I can smell fresh laundry, which is one of my favourite smells.

10. It’s almost my birthday – need I say more?!

What’s on your list?

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