How Do We Know Which Path We Should Follow?

In 2019, we are constantly bombarded with information. News alerts are sent directly to our phones and social media makes us accessible 24/7. If you’re lost in a new city, you just need to use the map on your phone to find your way again and, whilst you’re at it, you might as well have a look and find out where around you is good to eat, good to drink, good to shop.

It’s not just technology that overwhelms us, but the information we receive from our peers too. We are constantly given advice on what to eat, where to go, what constitutes as good self care, where we should be in our life right now. In the same conversation, you can get two bits of completely different advice, both of which are presented to you as if they are the one to follow.

Just the other day I saw two quotes one after another that had conflicting ideologies. One was about putting yourself out there and always being there to support other people, the other was about cancelling plans and only doing things that serve yourself. That conflict between selfishness and selflessness, those two polar opposite messages, reminded me just how much information and how many opinions we are confronted with daily.

In a world where everything is at our fingertips, knowing which route to take seems more confusing than ever before.

It’s no wonder we are stressed, why our mental health has suffered, why we feel indecisive and why everyone seems to have an opinion about everything everyone else does – we are simply overwhelmed with too many narratives. Gone are the days of trusting our gut instinct when we can google it, post our query in online forums or Tweet it and receive hundreds of responses in a minute. Sometimes it feels harder than ever to hear your own voice and follow your own path.


Now more than ever, it’s important to listen to what you think. Everyone else will have an opinion on your choice whatever you do, but their opinion isn’t the one that matters – it’s the voice inside your head, the one that you brush off and ignore. What is that saying to you? What do you want you to do? Where do you want your next move to take you in life?

It’s not easy trusting yourself. Sitting in the driver’s seat of your life takes courage. You have no one else to blame if it goes wrong, but you have yourself to congratulate if it goes right. Take the wheel, make the choice, own your future… it just might work out exactly the way you want it to.

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