Happiness Is… Home Comforts

This week I received a care package from home because I had asked my mum for some jeans. Jeans shopping is the worst kind of shopping and now I have found New Look jeans I don’t want to let them go. In the parcel my mum sent, I had the BEST surprise – a collection of the chocolates I miss the most from home. To say I was overjoyed is an understatement – this photo proves that.


Jack and I absolutely love Australia, but there are things we find strange here just because they are different to what we are used to. There are language differences, such as a duvet in England is a doona in Australia. Australians abbreviate words, like ‘afternoon’ becomes ‘arvo’ and ‘service station’ becomes ‘servo’. Next day delivery is the norm in England, whereas here delivery can take up to 10 days. None of these differences have taken away from our experience or our love for the place, but they are just things that we have had to adjust to simply because they are different to what we are used to.

But there is one thing that we really, really miss from home (other than people, of course) – we miss the food. I miss the Zizzi cheese starter more than I can say. Dominos pizza here is great but Dominos dip does not come with it. I miss the choice of crisps and the variety of flavours – Australia seems to only sell ready salted, salt and vinegar and then usual flavours like sweet chilli and sour cream. Chocolate tastes weird to us because apparently it has something in it to stop it melting quickly. In England it never really got warm enough to need that extra ingredient.

I would not trade being here for the world, but when you are used to certain things that you can no longer find, you miss them. I remember seeing Fig Rolls, Dr Pepper and Irn Bru on the international shelves in a supermarket and nearly screaming with joy. I never really had them that much at home, but just to be able to have tastes, brands and flavours you recognise here is exciting. It’s been great trying new foods and snacks here, but nothing beats a packet of Quavers with your lunch or a bar of Dairy Milk whilst watching a film.

To most people, the items I was sent are just chocolate bars and unhealthy snacks, but to me they are so much more. First of all they are a reminder of how much my mum thinks of me even if I aren’t with her, but really they are just a reminder of home. They are a reminder of walking to the Coop with my sister and getting a snack or watching a film at Christmas with a box of Maltesers to share. They are memories of people I love and miss. They are comfort, not just comfort foods. They are home.

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