Down Under Diary 12: Goodbye (For Now)


I want to start this post with the exciting news that Jack and I found out this week – our visa has been accepted and we will be staying in Australia for another two years!!! We are incredibly excited, with the both of us now feeling like we are in a place to plan more trips in and around this beautiful country. What makes this newly approved stability even better is knowing that our families are already booking and planning visits. We feel so incredibly lucky to call Australia our home and see where this adventure takes us. We miss home, but being here and living this lifestyle is a dream come true.

Carrying on with the theme of announcements – this is going to be the last Down Under Diary post that I share. Whilst it is nice to look back on the week we have had, these posts take the most time and effort to do, yet get the least amount of readers. I started writing them with the idea of keeping people back home in the loop about what we were up to and to add the occasional Australia/Sydney hint for travellers, but really we speak to anyone back home who wants to know about what we are up to anyway. The amount of time these posts take to do sometimes distracts away from other areas of writing and with more opportunities coming my way recently, I feel it is best to focus my attention there instead.

For anyone interested in keeping up with our Australia journey, feel free to follow me on my personal Instagram at @kitching1993 or follow The Good In Every Day on Instagram at @thegoodineverydayblog

To everyone who has read these updates – thank you so much for your support!

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