Down Under Diary 10: The Sweetest of Weeks

Let me start off by saying if you are hungry, do not read this until you have eaten. It contains photos of the most delicious desserts – yes, desserts plural, because Jack and I have had a week of sweet treats!

At the start of the week, I went for shopping with Katie and Brittany. As mentioned in last week’s post, the weather in Sydney has changed and cropped ‘fashion’ jumpers aren’t cutting it anymore, so a girly shopping trip was really needed. Katie and I met beforehand for a hot chocolate and a catch up whilst Brittany was in class, then we hit the Sydney shops!


Whilst it isn’t a fashion capital of the world, Sydney has some incredible shops and it was so tempting to just go wild, but I set myself a $100 limit and wrote a list of the things that I needed rather than going shopping blindly.

I used to be the girl who would blow hundreds of pounds in one shopping spree, but Jack and I are starting to save for our wedding and we want to do a bit more travelling whilst we are on this side of the world so I have really started to look at how I shop. I’ve become a lot better at buying things I need instead of things I see and want on a whim. On this shopping trip, I got 2 jumpers in the H&M sale for $20 each and a skirt from Cotton On for $40 – an under budget shopping trip that ticked everything off of my shopping list. It didn’t stop me daydreaming over fancy $250 dresses though…


This week, Jack had earned an extra day off due to working over, so with that and Monday being a bank holiday, it meant that we had a 4 day weekend together. We started this long weekend as we were going to spend it – with a sweet treat! The train station in North Sydney has a few really nice cafes that sell amazing desserts. This was my pick – a chocolate orange dessert that tasted just like a Jaffa Cake. I think I made love heart eyes at it as soon as I saw it.


As Friday was Jack’s first day off, we had a chilled day at home. Jack was on his Xbox, I read my library books. When you spend so much of the week working and living at a fast pace, it felt nice to have a break, do nothing and enjoy our home. Plus the weather was rainy and miserable – a sight I am still not used to in Sydney!

Saturday was a bit of a grey day with 76% humidity (my hair looked delightful when we got home…) but it was warmer and we decided to get out. We walked the Harbour Bridge to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay.


I love going to art galleries and we went to a lot whilst we travelled, but this one is my favourite. It’s just the right size to spend a good amount of time in and see everything without getting lost or bored. Every piece is really well chosen and the exhibits flow nicely, plus the rooftop cafe has some stunning views over the harbour! I have already pencilled in going back with my mum when she visits as she shares my love for art galleries.

My favourite works on display were by the artist was Kaylene Whiskey, as photographed below. I love the pop culture references and style of them, but to be honest there were so many great pieces there (including the sparkling instillation in the photos below) that it was hard to pick a favourite.

Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE Guylian chocolates, and in Circular Quay and The Rocks there are Guylian cafes. After the art gallery, as (another) treat, Jack and I went to the one in Circular Quay.


Every Christmas, my sister and I watch the Kristen Kruek and Miranda Richardson version of Snow White, a slightly gothic adaptation which may not always have the best acting in but holds many nostalgic memories for me. I love the costumes and the sets – they’re wooden with beautiful engravings and the cafe reminded me of this film.

The desserts were unbelievable! Jack had a Black Forest gateau and I had something called Chocolate Decadence which came with biscuit ice cream… heaven! Again, I am adding this to the list of things to do when our families come and visit us.

Sunday was a lot warmer – it’s winter but we were suddenly back to blue skies and temperatures in the twenties! Jack and I decided to do the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. This is something I had done in January with my friends in 35 degree heat. I’d loved it but it had wiped me out for days! However, with the cooler weather it was much more enjoyable. For anyone visiting Sydney, I really do think that this is a great thing to do simply because the views you see are stunning and it’s nice to be living/staying in a city with these beautiful beaches on your doorstep. Be warned, though – it is not a flat walk and some of the ascents are quite steep.

We got to Coogee and once again it was sweet treat time! This time, after all that walking I had definitely earned the treat. I got an ice cream with 2 scoops – banana chocolate chip and Baileys. As these photos show, I definitely enjoyed it!

Jack went to a fish and chip shop in Coogee purely for the name. He said they weren’t as good as British fish and chips, but I imagine we Brits set the fish and chip standard pretty high! He ate the lot, though, so they must have been alright.


We ended our long weekend two very tired but very happy people. With all the sugar we have had this weekend, maybe next week needs to be a detox week. Or maybe not…


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