Happiness Is… a pair of socks

Since arriving in Australia in January, I’ve spent most of my time here in sandals or in bare feet. I promise I’m not bragging about that, but really it’s just been far too hot for full shoes. If I’ve ever had to wear trainers for a walk, I’ve ended up getting so warm and regretting confining my poor feet. My toes need to be free here, it’s just the way it is.

However, in recent weeks, the temperature here has dropped. Daytime temperature here went to mid twenties and now is in the late teens. Sydney locals have been wrapping up in hats, scarves and gloves for weeks whilst I’ve only just given into needing to wear a denim jacket if I go out on a night.

But then this week something magical happened – it became so cold on a night that I needed to wear socks.

You might laugh, but needing to wear socks has made me so incredibly happy. After almost 6 months of total foot freedom, my feet are finally wrapped up in a soft embrace. I am wearing slipper socks and I am loving it! I genuinely think I had forgotten what it feels like to have your feet encased in a pair of cosy, comforting socks. In England I pretty much wore fluffy bad boys like these every day – and I’ve missed them. There’s nothing quite as comforting as having cosy toes. I feel like I sleep easier, I enjoy watching shows of Netflix more and look forward to coming home and getting wrapped up. This might sound sad to you, but I promise you – spend 6 months without being able to wear socks and you’ll end up deliriously raving about them as I am!

There’s a scene in Harry Potter where Dumbledore looks into The Mirror of Erised and sees himself standing with a pair of socks. People smile at it, but I get his point. Socks are magical! If anyone is looking for a gift to buy me, make it socks. I promise you I’ll be happy with them!

So the next time you get pull out a pair of these little feet warming, day making treasures – smile! Smile because your feet are going to love you for it. I’ve decided that socks are the definition of the good in every day – something small, something you might overlook but something that makes life just a little bit better. Wear them with pride!

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  1. Ah, love this post❤you biggin up socks, lol😂But I get what you mean, I personally hate sandals, I’d much rather have a nice cosy pair of socks. RESPECT socks for keeping our feet warm lol😂

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