Down Under Diary 6: Celebration City

This week has felt like such a blur! It has been a really sociable week, meeting up with family and solidifying new friendships, but it has also the week that poor Jack had the worst snotty cold known to man. Kudos to him, though, because he powered through like a trooper.


The week started on a high for me because we booked tickets to see The Goonies at the cinema in a few weeks time. It is my favourite film ever so to see it in a cinema setting is going to be a really fun experience. I will try my best not to quote each and every line and annoy every other cinema-goer. As you can see, I am thrilled about going. I’m sure Jack is just as excited too…

On Tuesday I met my NBF Katie for a shopping trip in Sydney. This was my first girly shopping day in Sydney and I am so proud of myself for not blowing our entire month’s shopping budget in one go! A lot of the shops here in Australia are not the same as back in England so the styles are new to me which makes it very, very tempting to splurge! But I stayed strong and only bought the bits I had gone into the city for. Who knows, maybe Australia has changed me!

Katie and I went for lunch together at a place called Scary Canary, somewhere Katie had been to before when she had visited Australia as a backpacker. Apparently it’s where the Geordie Shore cast went when they came to Australia – having never watched Geordie Shore in my life this meant nothing to me but the food was cheap and nice so I couldn’t complain!


I also had my first girls night out in AGES! I met Katie a little earlier earlier and we went for tea at The Argyle, which is quickly becoming my go to spot for drinks it seems. Drinking alcohol in Australia is really, really expensive and they do a $5 happy hour.

I’d had a bit of a homesick day after FaceTiming home earlier in the week so it was lovely to chat with someone who had moved over roughly the same time as I had. As much as I absolutely love our life here, you can’t ignore the fact that you are so far away from everyone and everything you know. Sometimes you just want a hug from your mum and dad and I was definitely having one of those times! Katie, as always, was great and really made me feel better about being so far away. One of the best things I have done is meet people who are in the same situation as I am because it has really helped me not to feel alone when I am at home with my thoughts and writing most days.

I perked up in time for everyone else to arrive for our girls night. As well as myself and Katie, there were three other girls from the Girls Love Travel group that I am part of. We met previously at the Manly picnic a few weeks ago, but decided to meet again for drinks. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and also get to speak to people that I didn’t get as much of a chance to at the picnic. Because it was a smaller group, it was easier to have a group discussion and get to know people more.

I had such a lovely time and we are organising more group events in the next few weeks. My friends have always been important to me so to be able to join a new friendship group has really helped me settle into life here. For anyone moving to somewhere new who might feel a little bit scared about meeting new people and having to restart building friendships again as an adult, I can’t recommend joining online groups and leaving comments or replies to people’s status’s on there enough. It’s a great way to meet new people as well as find out recommendations for the new city you find yourself in.

On Friday, I met Jack from work and we got the coach to Canberra. It was my cousin Meg’s 21st birthday at the weekend and it was really important for me to be able to go to it. We always say happy birthday to our family in Australia and keep in contact through social media, but to actually be there as part of a big family event was really special for me. We have missed out on so much of each other’s lives due to the distance that to finally be able to be there for something was something I am so, so happy about.


We went to a Japanese fusion restaurant in Canberra called Raku. The food was divine! Everyone else had the banquet but as the awkward vegetarian I ordered my own dishes. There was so much choice that it was hard to pick! The food was amazing, the cocktails were great and I had such a good time celebrating with my family. I didn’t take many food photos simply because I was enjoying eating so much!

My family in Canberra have been so good to Jack and I during our time here. We have stayed with them multiple times and every time we have been so spoilt by them. They have been one of the biggest reasons why I think I have the odd homesick day but never too much that it really, really upsets me. Knowing that there are people I love and trust who would be there for me in a second just a bus ride away really, really helps. Plus we always have the best time when we visit! For people who have probably met maybe six times in our lives before Jack and I moved over, I feel really close to them all and really grateful to have them around.


Jack still has a bit of a cold and I think we both can’t wait for a lie in, but it was a perfect week of socialising and happiness.

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