Week 5: The Chilled Week That Actually Wasn’t So Chilled

As predicted last week, tonsillitis got it’s grip well and truly into this week. That’s not to say we didn’t do anything, but as far as an action packed week running around Sydney from one event to the next goes, this was definitely our most tame week so far. In all honesty, I’m okay with that. It’s actually been great to just pause for a little while! But in true Jess and Jack style, our version of pausing doesn’t mean stopping and doing nothing for too long.

First of all, I arranged a little surprise for Jack when he came home from work on Wednesday. He’s been working so hard so I wanted to get him a few little surprise treats for when he got home. I arranged them in a treasure hunt around the apartment, which seemed a great idea at the time but I did feel a bit sorry for Jack when I pounced on him with his first clue as soon as he walked in the door after a long day at work! He wanted a new backpack so I got him one from the National Geographic collaboration at Typo and a few other treats like some dreamy chocolate cakes from Two Black Sheep. Jack kindly offered to share his chocolate cakes and I didn’t protest…


Despite tonsillitis really kicking in, on Thursday we FINALLY went to see Avengers: Endgame when Jack had finished work. We saw it at the most incredible cinema I have ever been to – the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace. It was the most beautiful Art Deco building with retro interiors. It felt more like an old school theatre than a cinema. I loved it!

Endgame was great, too. The storyline wasn’t exactly a shock and I pretty much predicted how it would end from the first ten minutes, but it was a really fun watch and a really fitting ending. We walked home from the cinema which was around a thirty minute walk, but when evenings are so clear and still so warm, I find that going for a wander around is one of my favourite ways to spend my time.

On Friday I hosted my very first girls night for myself and Katie. We had face masks, wine, junk food snacks, girly chats and watched the Beyoncé documentary on Netflix. It felt great to be at a place where we were happy enough with the apartment interiors to invite people over as well as to have a girly chat! Back in England, my friends were pretty much my life and I spent so much of my free time with them so to have a girly night in was great. The only issue was that it seemed like everyone else in all of Sydney was hosting a chilled night in as Uber Eats said that 99% of places were unavailable due to high demand. We used a different food delivery service, Menulog, and only half of our order showed up and of course it would be my order that didn’t arrive. It’s safe to say I will remain a dedicated Uber Eats-er.

Katie also earned countless friend points by bringing me a collection of the British snacks I have missed! I only mentioned them once to her before and that fact that she remembered them enough to surprise me with them really touched me. I feel like the snacks are almost too precious to eat, but I’m not sure how long this willpower will last. I predict by my next weekly update, they are all gone!


The weekend we just relaxed. By this time, we needed to. Neither of us felt 100%, so lie ins, movie days and endless relaxation was what we did. It was perfect! We FaceTimed Jack’s family to find out all about their holiday, went to the library again, went out to get a speaker for the apartment and watched the Ted Bundy film on Netflix.

It sounds silly but getting the speaker has been so exciting for us. Just to be able to listen to music again is great because we haven’t actually sat and listened to music since we returned our rental car. You forget how much little things like that mean to you and the novelty of creating playlists we can listen to whilst we cook or eat our dinner has not worn off yet. Although after forcing Jack to listen to my very girly playlist, I think maybe for him the novelty has worn off already…

On Monday I met up with another friend that I was lucky enough to meet at the Girls Love Travel picnic I attended. Ela took me around a few new spots in Sydney that I hadn’t been to before, like the library and the Museum of Contemporary Art. We had a free guided tour which was great because we got to learn so much more about each piece. I’ve never had a tour of a gallery before as I usually like to wander around and look at things at my own pace, but our guide was so informative and answered so many questions that I felt my experience was really enhanced. For anyone looking into going to a gallery, I would recommend taking a tour, even if only for a short time, because you can find out so much more this way.


I couldn’t write about this week without mentioning that one of my articles has been published in the May issue of Magnifique magazine and is also referenced on the cover! This is such a huge moment for me and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The editor, Jenny, wrote some really lovely things about me in her Editor’s Letter and everyone back home has been so supportive of me and my writing journey. It makes me feel so proud when I read feedback or see my work published and shared in other places. I’ve wanted to write for such a long time so to finally be able to do it and to be getting recognition for it feels amazing.

To say we haven’t been 100%, we managed to do quite a lot this week! I think if a doctor was to read this, they wouldn’t be too impressed with our interpretation of rest, but it’s been a good week that has mixed keeping busy with relaxation. Our week ahead is looking even busier than this one so I think a more restful week was definitely what we needed this week!

Despite everything that moving abroad has thrown at us – our bodies getting used to new bugs, a time difference meaning conversations home have to be scheduled in advance and having to start friendships from the beginning again – I still wake up every day feeling so incredibly happy and lucky to be here. I guess that tells me that, for now at least, right here is exactly where we are meant to be.

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