Down Under Diary 2: Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs

I can’t believe that I am already writing about our second week in Sydney. It doesn’t seem that long ago since we were both living back home in England. But here it is – our second week down under!

I’ll start with a quick update on Jack – he is really enjoying his new job and seems to have settled in really well. He’s quickly become a public transport pro so whenever we go anywhere I tend to just blindly follow him. He gets home most days around 5.30 so I try to have most of my writing done before then so that we get the evening together. He’s also bought himself an Xbox so I’m sure he doesn’t mind it too much if I have to work on my blog a little later than planned!

Probably the biggest ‘event’ to happen on a weekday evening for us was finding a spider in our bedroom. It wasn’t a big one, but apparently that’s even more of a concern in Australia as small = more sinister. We tried to move it outside but both of us are a bit pathetic when it comes to bugs and eventually we lost sight of it. We went to sleep not knowing where the spider was or if it was venomous or not… surely we are fully fledged Australians now we have slept peacefully with a potentially dangerous creature milling around us?

Usually the presence of a spider wouldn’t be such a noteworthy moment, but because we are still settling in to our home this week our evenings have mostly been spent FaceTiming home to show everyone around our new place, ordering furniture and booking tickets for events coming up in Sydney. ‘Wild’ Sydney can wait a little longer – we have nesting to do. As this is our first home together, it’s been really nice to spend a bit of time just enjoying ‘living’ together and perfecting the space around us. Hopefully by the end of week 3 our living room and dining room will be fully finished so that we can share some photos with everyone.

Whilst it’s been lovely to be at home, I have been feeling a little bit off for the last few days, so much so that I spent Friday on the sofa under a duvet. No one tells you that when you move abroad, you experience a whole host of bugs that you haven’t encountered before so will spend a fair bit of time feeling just a little bit under the weather. I’m usually a bit pathetic when I feel poorly, so I have had the odd moment of missing home and my mum looking after me. We have a teddy bear that a student I used to teach gifted me before I left which has been a lovely reminder of home so my homesickness didn’t get too bad.


Luckily I felt better in time for the weekend so that Jack and I could get out and explore Sydney a little more!


Jack needed some new clothes for work so we went into the city. For any Brit in Australia, the store Myer is just like Debenhams. Jack had picked his clothes and was ready to pay after about 5 minutes in there. I bet he wishes he could say the same when he goes shopping with me!

Due to being in the sun so much whilst we have been travelling, my skin tone has changed so I needed a new foundation. We went to Sephora and I treat myself to a Marc Jacobs foundation (which FYI gives the most flawless finish I’ve ever seen!). I ended up getting a Sephora points card and a Cotton On points card too. I feel like as soon as you get points cards for stores nearby, you’re pretty much a local, right?


We chose to go for a drink and some food whilst we were out in Sydney. We went to The Argyle in The Rocks as I had been there before when I was in Sydney with my friends and had a great time. It looked a little different to what I remembered because it had circus themed decorations up but they were pretty cool! I had the most amazing cocktail called ‘Watch Me Get Fabulous’. It has marshmallow vodka in it so if you have a sweet tooth like I do then I’d definitely give it a go!

It didn’t occur to me to take a photo for the blog until after I’d already started eating. The halloumi burger is really good – I can confirm my plate was empty by the end.

On Sunday we went for a walk to Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, a place we had seen on a map of Sydney and that was also recommended to us by my Aunt Jenny. It’s also somewhere my mum is really keen to visit!

On the way to the garden, we walked through Lavendar Bay and saw the Harbour Bridge from a different perspective which is always nice. I don’t know when either of us will get bored of seeing these iconic views but we definitely haven’t tired on them yet!

19C74872-A0F5-4993-9AD1-EF5FDFFEB200The Secret Garden was a beautiful spot and so incredibly peaceful. You could easily forget that you were in one of the busiest cities in the world whilst you were in there. Lots of people were around but it still felt really quiet and secluded. People were reading, drawing, having picnics and just relaxing. There were lots of different tables tucked away in different spots so we are planning to go back another time for a picnic.


We wandered around the gardens for a little bit and then walked along the boardwalk of the harbour. We were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon the Comic Walk, a walk that is lined with miniature sculptures of Australian cartoon characters. We didn’t know who most of them were but we recognised the one that was similar to the Luna Park gateway. Still, it was fun spotting the sculptures hidden amongst the plants.

We ended up walking past Luna Park and got the train back from Kirribilli. When I first came to Sydney, I remember being really surprised by how hilly North Sydney is. It was a great day out and a great walk – but definitely one to wear trainers for! It was nice to get out and walk around, exploring spots that were close to our new home but also were a lot more peaceful than the city.

Whilst we were out, we tried to get a nice selfie but the sun was dazzling, as per usual, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the photo, as per usual. A lot of the local people we talk to say that it is cold now and are wrapped up in coats, but this is like summer for us. We still wear factor 50 every day and every time I go out in jeans I curse myself. I think it crushes Jack to have to wear full length trousers for work in this heat! But for a relaxing Sunday walk, it was great.


This week has been pretty chilled and I think we’ve needed it to be this way. We are settling in well and figuring out how best to navigate city life. We order our food online rather than trail it around on public transport, have figured out the quickest routes to get into the city and have a good routine going. All in all, things couldn’t be better right now. Well, minus the bugs!

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  1. That view! That cocktail! That spider! I’m loving your Australian adventures & can’t wait to read it every week… Despite them making me crazy jealous about the sun. x

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