A Proud Moment

Super proud to announce that an article I wrote for the brilliant Palette is now live on their website! This is my first piece of work that isn’t self published and I couldn’t be prouder of the fact that it is about me going for my biggest goal in life.

A huge thanks to Jenni for the opportunity and for creating such a fabulous magazine.

To read the article, click here

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  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! Less than a week of giving this writing lark a shot & you’re already published, yey! I also think I may be you because the exact same thing happened with my ex & me. x

      1. Same here! We realised we were nothing more than just friends in the end so I just said shall we split up & he said yes – no arguing, no bad blood, just an agreement to move on. I’m glad there was none of that though because we both still had to share the house for six months til we had enough money to go our own separate ways! x

      2. I Lived with my ex for about 6 months too! Are we the same person?! Haha! In the end I decided to go home to my parents and save for Australia but we lived together as friends until then. I like that we both didn’t have nasty breakups! x

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