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Music is a universal language. You might not like a person or understand their opinions or perspectives, but you will always be able to find a common song that you both like. Therefore, by this logic, musicians are one of the most powerful communicators in the world. They are the ones with the power to unite or divide us. They are the people who can gather a crowd and get them to repeat the same line in unison together. They have the power to send us subliminal messages through song and hope that we are astute enough to pick up on them,

When I listen to music, I love to spot a poetic lyric. I had a print out of the lyrics to The Big Pink – Velvet framed in my bedroom because they are so painfully beautiful. But my favourite lyric of all time is this:

The past is only the future with the lights on” – +44, Baby Come On

These lyrics can quite literally change your perspective on life if you choose to listen to them.

Think about it – we spend so much of our time worrying about the future – will we get the job? Will we meet The One? Will we be struck down by an illness? Will we be happy? All of these things we cannot see. They are the unknown, We have no way of seeing them from the position we are in now. They are in the dark and they will remain there until we turn the light on by experiencing them.

So why do we worry? Why do we obsess over what we cannot see? Why do we waste our time on these thoughts? Why do we stop ourselves enjoying the moment for fear of what could or couldn’t happen at some point further down the line?

The simple answer is that we shouldn’t. The past, the thing that is lit up that we can see, we should use and learn from. If we have made a mistake, we should learn not to repeat it. If something brought us happiness, we should learn to do it again. From our past we will be able to create ourselves a future that we desire. Some things that we experience will be out of our control, but they would be out of our control even if we could see into the future. To spend your present worrying about what might or might not be to come is to waste the opportunity that you’ve been given right here and right now. If you waste your future away by worrying about it and not enjoying the ride, I can almost guarantee that at the end of your life when you look back on the past it will be the thing that you regret the most.

The future is scary. It is unknown. You might not get what you want, but you might get more than you could ever have imagined was possible. Things will happen regardless of you worrying about them. Worry stops nothing from happening and worrying stops everything from happening at the same time. Don’t let worry dictate your time. Use that energy that you would have spent on worrying into moulding yourself the life you want. Trust yourself and talk those steps forward. Stumble into the unknown, walk through the darkness and wait for the light to come on.

And remember – “the past is only the future with the lights on.”

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