Happiness Is… when you try and let someone past you at the same time that they try and let you past


I love being part of team human race. You can sit there and say that there are more things separating us than connecting us and that we aren’t a team but I just can’t agree with that. Sure there are things that divide us like major differences in most things from lifestyle to beliefs to motivations, but honestly we have more in common than we all think. There is more to unite us than there is to divide us, we just don’t seem to look at it that way.

Think about it – we all have flaws. We all have the same basic needs for survival. We all look forward to the time of the day when we can unwind. We all have people we look up to and admire. We all enjoy getting a new set of pyjamas as a gift. We all watch Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson films but only as a guilty pleasure. We all cannot resist joking in with ‘Sweet Caroline’. We all want to like kale more than we actually do.

Sometimes it feels like the world is trying to make us forget that we have these similarities. You open a newspaper or turn on the TV and groups in society are pitted against each other without either side having ever made a comment to the other. We are made to feel suspicious of the other, the person who believes in something different to what we do or chooses a different path than our own. We are kept in our pens with other likeminded souls, ticking our boxes and checking everyone else’s ticks match our own.

But that’s not humanity. That’s not life. You were not put on this earth to stay in the mediocre lane driving alongside a carbon copy, mirror image of yourself. Life isn’t about sticking to what you know, living in the vanilla. Life is about adding some sprinkles on top, a bit of sauce, maybe even a Flake.

Every day is an opportunity to add more sprinkles to your mix. Discuss someone else’s beliefs with them, listen to a different genre of music, try a new cuisine, agree to disagree, learn, grow. You don’t have to like everyone or agree with everything people say, but never forget that even when we are different we are still the same. Differences make us unique but they should never be used as a weapon to ostracise another.

If you ever forget that we are all more united and divided, try moving to let someone past at the same time as they move to let you past. Enjoy the awkwardness of the polite,  toe-curling social interaction. Watch as you both struggle knowing what to do – should I let them go past? Are they waiting for me to go past first? Should I just stand still until they go past? – and smile. Smile because you are both making an absolute mess of something as simple as letting someone walk past. Smile because you’re both going to walk away and cringe. Smile because you both had the intention of letting the other go first. Smile because you are both united.

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