Happiness Is… when your mum comments on your new profile picture


The day my mum got Facebook was genuinely one of the best things to happen in my social media universe. Not only do I now get to find out what cheese she is most like or what she would look like if she were a male thanks to the endless Facebook quizzes she does, I also get my biggest cheerleader in life cheering me on online too. As someone who is travelling the world at the moment, seeing a notification pop up from my mum is genuinely one of the best things to happen in my day.

My friends and I have had the conversation about parents on social media many, many times. Some of them absolutely hate it and think it’s a way for their parents to ‘snoop’ on them without it being weird. Some find it embarrassing to have their parents post nostalgic holiday photos from back in ‘99 when tragic haircuts were in and filters were just things you used to strain coffee. Some find it infuriating to have to explain every single minute detail to their parents, like “no commenting isn’t the same as private messaging… yes everyone can see what you’ve written to Anne… yes they will all know that you hate Judy’s new haircut”.

But my argument is… what is there not to love about having the person who loves you the most in this world as a friend and have them shout from the rooftops how amazingly proud they are of you? Isn’t it nice to have someone be your number one fan?

Think about it… you could literally be sun burnt to hell, necking ten cocktails or about to do some nerve wrecking, adrenaline junkie feat and your mum is usually the one cheering you on the loudest like “That’s my girl wrestling that crocodile whilst eating an entire pizza to herself and still wearing last nights makeup and looking gorgeous… you go do you baby girl wooooo!”. Some of my friends’ parents even share their posts just to show off how proud they are of their child. Having your parents on social media is like having a round of applause following you wherever you go. It’s the kind of unashamed, unapologetic, all consuming love that makes the world go around and if that’s not happiness then I really don’t know what is.

In a world full of trolling and online bullying, maybe we should all take a leaf out of our parents’ book when it comes to our online behaviour… cheer that friend on without hesitation, tell that stranger they look good in that dress, spread love like your parents liking every photo in your holiday album from Ibiza four years ago.



PS mum if you’re reading this – I love you <3



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