Australia’s Best Kept Secret

I haven’t done a travel or update on Aussie life post in a while so, since we got back from the most perfect long weekend away on Sunday, I thought I would do one for anyone wanting to know about one of Australia’s hidden gems. Whenever Jack and I have spoken to Australians about where... Continue Reading →

Can You Be Eternally Optimistic?

One of the things I struggle most about writing about positivity and overcoming body image issues is the expectation that I am always positive, confident and in control of my life. If I have a down day or find it hard to motivate myself or confess to struggling with the way I look, I am... Continue Reading →

A Tribute To Jeans

I’m a jeans girl. I don’t often find jeans that I like or that fit me just as I want them to, but when I do, I wear them until the bitter, worn seams, fraying, faded, torn at the crotch end. When we got to Australia in January, I sadly waved goodbye to wearing jeans.... Continue Reading →

Halloween and Body Image

Even when I was younger and I felt insecure about my appearance, I looked forward to Halloween. Although picking a costume was always something that gave me a bit of headache - you have to pick the perfect one, not just any one - once I had settled on the look I wanted, I couldn’t wait.... Continue Reading →

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